Monday, June 6, 2011

A trio of healthy eating

These past four weeks have certainly flown by! I thought I would be struggling to come up with food options while on a budget and gluten free doing this 28 Day Healthy Eating Challenge, but I have been eating a bigger variety of food than ever before! Since I found myself in the kitchen more than at the computer, I'm afraid I'm going to cheat and just do a "I wish I could go into detail" post for three of the great things I have been eating. There are a few more straggling posts coming and I think shake up what I present on the blog. Rather than having so many meat based dishes, I am going to share my joy in making more vegetable and fruit dishes.

This mushroom strogonaff is from Engine 2. The recipe is really easy and when served with brown rice, a very filling lunch! I never really ate mushrooms before this diet and I'm happy to report that I like them!

I found a recipe for gf vegan bread and used Pamela's Flour Mix for the first time. The bread turned out to be amazing - I ate it all within 24 hours of baking it. The Brown Rice and Lentil Burger recipe came from Engine 2. I used about a tablespoon of flour to help bind the ingredients together. With not the greatest luck. A friend pointed out that flour was probably called for because of its glue (gluten) qualities. Overall, very tasty and the broken burgers would go great over pasta or on top of a salad.

This is perhaps one of my prettiest pictures. Don't these tacos look beautiful? They are guac tacos. That's right - guacamole in a warmed corn tortilla. I disregarded the serving size and ended up with over 3 cups of guac one weekend so I plopped the mix on a tortilla and called it a taco. Turns out that too much of a good thing is just that - too much. Next time I make guac for just myself, I'm going to remember to cut the recipe into quarters since there's no way I could eat that much!

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