Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mummy cupcakes

Cupcakes aren't just for kid's parties! They are a giant hit with adults as well!

I made these mummy cupcakes for work and a party and everyone loved them. These cupcakes are very easy to transform into a spooky Halloween treat. These were made gluten free and dairy free, much to the surprise of some of the eaters - they could not tell that anything was different!

To make, you need:
Baked, unfrosted, and cool cupcakes (I used a devil's food cake mix)
1 recipe of buttercream frosting (I used the Wilton classroom recipe with water, powdered sugar and Crisco)
Two decorating bags or freezer bags
No taste red icing coloring (or whatever color eyes you want for your mummy)
Decorating tip 104 for the white mummy wraps
Decorating tip 10 for the eyes
Coupler for your decorating bag
Sprinkles for the center of the eyes

Put about 1/4 cup of frosting into a small bowl. Using a toothpick, add about 2-3 "dips" of the red icing coloring and mix well. Add to a decorating bag with tip 10, using a coupler if you prefer

Put the rest of the frosting into the other decorating bag with tip 104, using a coupler if you prefer.

Pipe two eyes on the cupcake in red.
Then, using your white icing bag, pipe a circle around the edge of the cupcake. This will provide maximum mummy coverage.
Then pipe a large X below the eyes, making sure the wraps extend the entire width of the cupcake.
Continue piping wraps over the mummy.
For an extra spooky (and even creepy) effect, carefully place sprinkles in the center of the eyes.

Get creative! These had red eyes, per the request of the party host. In no time, you can have custom made cupcakes for Halloween! Making mummies was so easy - this project would be great for little hands as well!

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