Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wilton Flowers and Cake Design - Class 3

Flowers, flowers everywhere and all so good to eat!

For our third class in the Wilton Flowers and Cake Design we made even more flowers. This time, we continued towards perfection on the Wilton rose, learned the beautiful daffodil, the super tiny violet, and the elegant lily. We rounded things off with stems and talked about cake design as we all started envisioning our final cake.
My favorite flower was the daffodil. Ever since I say a picture of it on the cover of the lesson plan booklet, I was hooked. They require a little more grunt work than other flowers (and three different tips) but they turn out lovely. The violets weren't too hard, just so tiny! Your hand hurts after a while...I'm not sure if I'll be taking any requests for violet filled cakes any time soon. Maybe the lilies - those were the largest flower we learned and perhaps the fastest to make. So many possibilities, so little time!

Next up: my final cake!

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