Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Salsas Vallartas

Every Thursday, I attend the farmer's market in Daley Plaza in the Loop.  Earlier last week, I (very easily) convinced a co-worker to come with me to shop for veggies and more on our lunch break.  My co-worker is a real trooper - even in the pouring rain without umbrellas - we did not let the storm ruin our quest for delicious food.

Each week while the downtown Farmer's Market is in session (click here for the calendar), I am going to spotlight a different vendor.  First up is Salsas Vallartas!

Salsas Vallartas sells salsa (of course), guacamole and hummus.  Their products are all natural with no preservatives - which quickly sets it apart from the supermarket varieties!  Give me all natural products any day! I spoke with Eliza from Salsas Vallartas - the only product I needed to avoid as someone who is gluten and dairy free was the Spinach and Feta Cheese - it obviously contains cheese.  That is actually one of her favorite types of hummus - and actually the product that sets them apart from other hummus makers.  Dairy lovers - check it out!  Her other two favorites are Cilantro and Jalapeno ("goes well with tortilla chips and beer") and Three Peppers - "The fusion of the three peppers keeps it smoky - medium - not over the top."

Eliza's dad has been in the food industry for over 15 years and all of his recipes come from his family - great-great-great grandma, actually!  They use very authentic ways of cooking.  Salsas Vallartas is bringing big taste with their products to the community while still maintaining a small-town feel in this bustling city.  Everything is made in a small kitchen in Lincoln Park.  In addition to the Daley Plaza farmer's market, they attend others as well, such as the one at Clark & Division.

It's fairly easy to incorporate hummus into your diet - use it on wraps, with chips, with veggies and more!  Uses salsas with omelets or as marinades.  Couldn't be easier!

I tried a few varieties of their salsas and hummus.  Everything was very tasty - after deciding between many tasty options, I ended up buying their lemon hummus.  The hummus and salsa are $5.00 a tub.  It seems like a lot of money, but the quantity is easily two or three times the supermarket varieties with more flavor, quality, and natural ingredients.  The hummus lasts for about a week and a half - everything is labeled with the "best by" date.  Check them out at the next Farmer's Market!  (Note: the chips they use for sampling are labeled "gluten free" on the bag.  Win!)

And as for my co-worker who weathered the storms with me?  She bought hummus as well and introduced her family to something tasty that they now love.  (And we got drenched in the rain.)
 Have you tried Salsas Vallartas before?  What's your favorite salsa or hummus?

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