Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh My, OMango!

My sister always has her ear out for gluten free offerings and new products to share with me.  Valerie's latest find is her best one yet - OMango restaurant in Aurora.  Valerie billed this new restaurant to me as "like Chipotle - but Indian" and I was instantly sold on taking the Metra out to Aurora to meet her for lunch.
Their menu is packed with Indian staples like tandoori, wraps, and curries.  At the bottom of the menu is an allergen statement - a sign that I am in a restaurant that will take care of me.  Many of their menu items are also marked signifying vegan options; no vegans or dairy free folks will go hungry here!  A helpful manager guided us through the menu - pointing out the dairy and gluten free options for me (a large portion of the menu) and some recommendations for my sister who is just starting to eat Indian food.

Valerie's lunch on top; My gluten free lunch on bottom
The food arrived at our table quickly after we ordered and Valerie and I enjoyed a full lunch.  The portions were generous and the food tasted superb.  The plain (no filing) dosas are made with lentils and rice, are naturally gluten free, and HUGE.  My once huge dosa slowly shrank as I tried my different curry offerings and rice.  Valerie devoured her samosas while I used my gf dosa to scoop up my curries, including the tasty saag (a spinach puree).  OMango is the place to go for a delicious Indian meal - whether you are gluten free or not!  My OMango lunch was even better than the Indian food I previously have eaten on Devon Avenue - who knew that best Indian food in Chicago was outside the city limits?

For OMango menu, check out their website.  Whether you are familiar with Indian food or are trying something new, you are sure to enjoy OMango's offerings!  I'm excited to return to OMango with Valerie again and try even more of their menu.  Until I can travel to India, OMango in Aurora is the next best thing!

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