Sunday, March 11, 2012

Asparagus for breakfast

Pinterest is now my unconventional but extremely useful resource for finding new recipes (my page is here). At Whole Foods, I was tempted by their organic asparagus and took it home without a single recipe in mind. I searched Pinterest for asparagus recipes and found some gorgeous pictures of asparagus, along with some inspiring new ways to prepare the yummy (and low in fructose) vegetable.

On, there is a an excellent recipe for Asparagus with Butter and Soy! The ingredient list is simple: kosher salt, white vinegar, eggs, asparagus, vegetable oil, soy sauce, butter, and sea salt. Using Earth Balance butter and San-J Soy Sauce made this dish effortlessly gluten and dairy free.

This is a multi-pot meal, but it still tastes great as leftovers, so do not be daunted! The eggs are poached, the asparagus is flash cooked, and then the asparagus simmers in its soy sauce and butter mixture. This was my first time ever poaching eggs - not too daunting! (Just need to work on plating the egg...) What a great grain-free and gluten free breakfast! It is now my favorite dish to kick off the morning!

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