Saturday, September 4, 2010

(gluten free) Dijon and Tarragon Chicken

My herb garden has been growing taller than ever lately! My tarragon plant was probably 18” tall and was toppling over against the windowpane. I needed to remedy that situation so I turned towards Food Network’s recipe search and found a tarragon chicken recipe! I already had cooked chicken, so I greatly modified the steps and essentially melted (dairy-free butter) and added some cornstarch (rather than flour) before adding chicken stock, Dijon mustard, and fresh chopped tarragon with salt and pepper to taste. Then I added the precooked chicken from the microwave and stirred over medium heat until the chicken was warm. This was REALLY good and a recipe that I will be recreating a lot in the future!
When I was buying Dijon mustard, I was shocked to see how Mustard Girl’s American Dijon was labeled. The words “All Natural” are on one side of the girl and “Gluten Free” on the other. My mom was surprised because she thought Dijon mustard always WAS gluten free. All but one of the varieties from that company said “gluten free.” If I spend a few more cents on a product that takes the time to label something as gluten free, I’m sold. I even bought gluten free bacon, which invoked a similar shocked reaction from my mom since bacon is essentially bacon and salt. Is this a sign of the times? As more people are going gluten free for health reasons (Celiac disease, gluten intolerance) or for diets, food processors are paying attention. I’m excited to see how many things I can purchase in the next few years by reading the front label alone rather than dissecting the small print ingredient list on the bottom of my potential purchase!

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