Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bacon Potato Pancakes

When going over the Christmas menu with my mom, I just heard "gluten, gluten, meat, gluten, gluten." We will be feasting on Polish foods and almost everything struck me as being filled with gluten (except for the meat). I know that Santa is bringing me a griddle this year, so I figured we could make some gluten and dairy free potato pancakes and break in my new gadget! Eliot and I set out to experiment with some potatoes and create one of the most delicious potato pancakes out there. ...But then we got distracted by how good this version tasted. Since many potatoes were peeled, I do not have the exact count for this recipe:

Bacon Potato Pancakes

6 to 8 medium sized potatoes, peeled and grated
3 or 4 eggs
Several pieces of bacon
Kosher salt

Cook the bacon on the stove. Cut with kitchen shears into bacon bits. Leave the bacon drippings in the pan.

Make sure the potatoes are dry. Place in a bowl and add the eggs and some kosher salt. Add the cooked bacon. Place in warm pan and cook, much like a pancake.
We tried two different versions of this - one with the bacon embedded inside the potato pancake and the other with the bacon sprinkled on top (like chocolate chips). We preferred the first option some more. These were a great all-in-one breakfast item! Eggs, potatoes and bacon nicely blended together into one comprehensive dish!!

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  1. Several pieces of bacon?...really, any stated amount of bacon in a recipe from us is bound to be totally misleading. This will either be because we've put down what normal people would put in a dish (not what we put in the dish) or we put down what we actually put in the dish which is likely more bacon than any normal human being would put in any dish (making it epically delicious and full of fat and cholesterol). Just sayin' we love bacon.