Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Turkey Tetrazzini

After Thanksgiving, my mom made another turkey and sent me home with the carcass to make stock (delicious!) and have some leftover turkey to turn into more delicious meals. I decided to try my hand at Turkey Tetrazzini. Since substituting any flours would be easy enough, I switched my focus to finding a dairy free recipe (since a white sauce is just a bit difficult to do without milk or butter) and then convert it myself to gluten free. With a game plan in mind and a bunch of different websites to try, I found a recipe...that was both gluten and dairy free. So a little less work for me! The dairy and gluten free substitutions for this recipe were rice milk and rice flour.
This recipe, however, almost requires a sous chef. I had so many pots, pans, cutting boards, knives, and even a Dutch oven (for the final steps) out it seemed a little ridiculous. By the time I got to the steps of how to make the sauce, I was checking out of the cooking process and was trying to fast forward through the steps. So I was not successful with trying to "cook out the 'flour' flavor." Sadly, this recipe tasted diary free and a little bland to me. Rice milk is rather thin and doesn't make for a good, thick sauce. I am going to start experimenting soon with more sauces because exclusively having red sauces is getting a little boring.

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