Sunday, January 15, 2012

Butternut Squash Soup

I needed a hands-off meal today, so I turned to my underused slow cooker. I found a great recipe for Butternut Squash soup that is dairy free, gluten free, and incidently, allergen free! The inspiration for the meal started before the recipe, so I made it without apples and cloves, but it still tasted great!

The ingredients are simple enough: chicken broth (straight from my freezer), 1 butternut squash, olive oil, onions, apples, salt, pepper, nutmeg, cloves, coriander, and cinnamon. For the recipe, visit A Year of Slow Cooking's entry. My struggle with slicing the squash was the same as with spaghetti squash - take the biggest knife I have and cut the squash on my lowest workable surface (my kitchen table is several inches lower than my counters so is my go to spot for dangerous knife skills) and carefully try to not cut my hand off. I feel like a guillotine would be appropriate for this task...why hasn't someone made it?

About four and a half hours later, the soup was done cooking. I used my immersion blender and it took only a minute or two to transform chunks of squash and onions into a thick yet creamy soup. Topped with Italian parsley, this soup truly hit the spot on this chilly night. And can I mention how cheap this was to make? It probably cost less than a dollar for each generous serving!

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  1. YUM!! I happen to have all of those ingredients on hand:-) I will most likely make it this afternoon. Do you think it freezes well?

    When I cut butternut squash I cut it in have across ( so you get a top and bottom) then I cut those pieces in half again. I use a pearing knife to peel it. I have very small hands so I cut the squash into piece I can handle and then peel each piece. It takes a little bit longer, but I don't run the risk of losing a finger this way:-)