Sunday, January 29, 2012

T's Bar in Andersonville

Dining out in a large group can sometimes be a pain. I've learned to flag down the waiter on his first trip to the table (while everyone else is just picking up the menu) and hand over my Triumph dining card, explain that I'm gluten and lactose intolerant, and ask for suggestions. It's a rhythm I'm used to at this point. When dining out with a large group after church one Sunday, the rhythm was interrupted. The waiter said the head chef just stepped out but as soon as she returned, she'd be over to talk with me. A few minutes later, the head chef and I were talking about food I liked and how she was going to prepare it! Normally, I'll settle for a plain chicken breast and veggies when out, but she was getting excited about the flavors and her excitement was contagious. We talked through a dish - salmon over a bead of steamed spinach with tomatoes and roasted pumpkin seeds. About ten minutes later, she stopped by the table again and asked if I would like a plain potato - she was making them for mashed potatoes and at that point in the process they were safe for me to eat. The food arrived along with everyone else's and was delicious. I had a colorful plate with food that was created with me in mind. The food was wonderfully seasoned and I cleaned my plate. And when the check came, I was pleasantly surprised by seeing my order as "chef's special" - listed at the same price of the other entrees.

I am extremely happy to have such a positive dining experience at a neighborhood bar restaurant - especially one that my church friends frequent! T's Bar and Restaurant is located at 5025 N Clark in Chicago in Andersonville. Their menu is awesome and inspiring - I'm planning on making chili tots myself so I can have a gfcf version! Even as just one face in a group of over a dozen, I had amazing service and I cannot wait to return!

Other restaurants take note - this is how gluten free dining should be!

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