Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ian's Fish Sticks

Growing up, I HATED Friday's in Lent. We were Catholic so that meant my mom cooked fish. I only tried fish sticks a few times and then refused to ever eat fish again. That lasted from probably the age of six or seven until I was in my mid twenties and about to take a cruise with my family. I was newly gluten free at the time and realized I better learn quickly if I was allergic since my dining options would be limited. Turns out I absolutely love fish and I had a ton to eat (including some of the freshest fish) on the cruise.

Ian's Fish Sticks are gluten, wheat, milk, casein, egg, nut and soy free. Phew - what a mouthful! They are delicious and the ingredient list is only familiar ingredients - no fancy, hard to pronounce, chemical names here! The fish sticks are beyond easy to prepare - they heat up in the microwave in about a minute. I've had them with salads and just by themselves - either way - they are tasty! It is a bit of a financial splurge ($5.99 for an 8 oz box at Whole Foods), but the product is great. And I'm sure much better than the fish sticks of my childhood!

Their website is super helpful - you can search for products that are free of your allergens. When I searched for gluten, wheat, milk and casein free, there are 16 products listed - all of them were foods I thought I would never be able to have gfcf and still taste great!

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  1. This is great to know! My kids love fish sticks but we don't buy them often. Thanks for the information!:-)