Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Spaghetti

Sunday lunches are the worst for me. By the time I get home from church, it is two o’clock and I am starving. My lunches tend to be small and uninspired, leaving me room to play and cook an amazing dinner or a loaf of bread. So here is proof that one can eat quickly with food allergies. My final time? Twenty minutes from walking in the door to sitting down with my camera in one hand and a fork in the other.

Boil water with Kosher salt and extra virgin olive oil. Turn the heat as high as it goes and add the lid to make it boil faster. Once boiling, add a box of De Boles Gluten Free Multi Grain Spaghetti Style Pasta made with Rice, Quinoa and Amaranth ($2.00 a box on sale at Whole Foods.)

Wait a little while after adding the pasta before opening a can of grocery store brand Italian Style diced tomatoes. Add to a pan and heat over medium for a few minutes.

The pasta should be done after 12-15 minutes. Then drain and rinse the pasta. Combine the pasta and tomatoes. Optional: add soft cheese (I used a goat cheese with sundried tomatoes and other herbs already added) and stir. Enjoy!

I was able to cheat and use tomatoes and goat cheese that were already flavored. Times like this are when I appreciate life’s little conveniences. I really need to start using my slow cooker more – I could have lunch ready to eat by the time church is over if I plan it well! (And wake up early enough to have lunch in the cooker before 8:45am…)

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