Thursday, November 11, 2010


I’m fairly certain I was accidentally glutenized (super trace amounts) earlier this week. I haven’t been feeling right, some of my classic symptoms were appearing and then today I became an emotional mess. One minute I want to scream and be angry at the world and the next I want to bawl and be held (this is a major improvement from when I was on gluten – then I only wanted to do the later.) I had a bad day at work because of this, so I treated myself to steak tacos at Chipotle and then after work went to the newly rebuilt Dominick’s. Earlier in the day, I was promising myself some delicious overpriced gluten-free item. And then I realized I didn’t want a brownie or (non dairy) ice cream: I wanted real food. And bacon.

Once in the store, I realized I did not have my casein and gluten free shopping guide. The panic started to set in (see above for further description of “hot (emotional) mess.” But then I realized that I could just call Safeway (the Dominick’s brand) because their number is saved in my cell phone. I am happy to report that their Thick Sliced Hickory Smoked Bacon IS gluten free. (And every time I call, I’m going to ask if their products could be labeled gluten free in the future. The customer service representative took down my “formal complaint” and submitted my request. The more people who do this, the better!)

After acquiring the B, L, and the T for my sandwich, I went in search for overpriced gluten-free bread. I had very little luck – there was only one brand of sandwich bread and I was craving a roll. In the end, I went back to the clearly labeled gluten free yellow corn tortillas. My brilliant idea for a sandwich was not as I envisioned. But there was bacon so it was still tasty. My time in the grocery store finding the bacon and bread was greater than the time it took me to prepare my delicious dinner! Next time I have a craving for a BLT, I'm going to make sure to have rolls in the freezer - or make them myself! The sandwich looks a little funny when the tomatoes are thicker than the bread...the lettuce too for that matter...

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