Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's in the Freezer

I've been busy working lately. Translation: not cooking.

Convenience store foods and fast food restaurants are out. God bless the freezer. And ziplock containers and freezer bags.

Quite literally, the only thing I cooked this week was two cups of rice and a grilled cheese sandwich (using Udi's bread and vegan cheese - quite tasty!). I've been raiding my freezer and finding lots of delicious meals. Too busy to cook? Have some chili. Or a stew I cooked two months ago and never had time to blog about. Or Moroccan chicken. Just move the freezer bag or container from freezer to fridge the night before, take to work with some rice or gf noodles, and heat for a minute or two. Delicious home cooked meal every time! Spice things up a bit with gluten free and vegan soup from Trader Joe's that only costs a dollar and getting through the week with very minimal damage to my checking account and every meal packed with nutrients. Well, except for the brownies I have leftover from watching the Super Glee episode on Sunday with my friends.

And of course, I'm still going to splurge and treat myself to a Chipotle rice bowl at the end of the week. :-)

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