Monday, February 14, 2011

Lindberg Risotto

Not everything I make can be from scratch. So sometimes I have to rely on packages for variety in my meals. I came across Lundberg Risotto. Some of their options are clearly labeled as Gluten Free and Vegan on the front! Win! No flipping the box around to find something dangerous on the ingredients list!

Last night I made the Florentine: Spinach and Mushroom risotto. To jazz it up, I added some fresh mushrooms to the last five minutes of cooking. The dish was topped with freshly chopped rosemary. The risotto was good - it wasn't out-of-the-ordinary delicious - but it was an easy to make risotto that had my dietary restrictions already in mind.

Side note: I'm impressed at how well some of my herbs are doing, considering they are always sitting on a freezing cold windowsill during Chicago's winters! Growing my own herbs allows me to easily (and cheaply) add some extra flavor and color to an already tasty dish!

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