Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wicker Park Dining

"I haven't had sushi."
"When? Today?"

I finally tried sushi! One of my friends was utterly shocked that I never had sushi...ever. So when another friend suggested going to Sushi Para in Wicker Park, I was interested. At this point, since my intolerances restrict me from a lot of foods, I can no longer afford to be a picky eater. So with an open mind and my dining card in hand, I ordered sushi. This was the time I was the most thankful to have my Triumph Dining Card! I told the waitress I was gluten intolerant and could not eat anything with soy sauce and showed her the card. While she was reading it (in both English on the reverse in Japanese) I also said I never had sushi before and asked for recommendations. I ordered one roll of the Salmon Sushi and a bowl of Edadame (which triggered two other bowls being ordered for a table of five). The sushi was really good, but I was kicking myself for not bringing any of my travel packs of gluten free soy sauce with me. I'm looking forward to being more adventerous with my sushi selections in the future.

And because my friends are all foodies and despite the whole "dead of winter in Chicago" and frigid temperatures, we went out for dessert...frozen yogurt at Forever Yogurt. I was planning on just sitting at the table with everyone, but then I noticed their nutrition information...which included allergens...with many gluten free options and more importantly for this dessert...NON-DAIRY FROZEN YOGURT!! I had the Orange Burst Sorbet with fresh raspberries on top. There were plenty of sweet toppings to chose from, but getting a fruit flavor pulls me to having more fruit. I loved sitting with my friends and eating the same thing as everyone else (except for the one smart person in our group who ordered hot chocolate). I can see Forever Yogurt being one of my favorite summer spots - the consistency of frozen yogurt is greatly missed with my dairy free diet.

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