Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arya Bhavan

My friends are great - they are all supporting me on my food journey - whether it is my lifelong standard cow's milk and gluten free or my temporary vegan hold-the-oil and no-soda challenge. We love to go out to eat, and the girls came up with a great place: Arya Bravan on 2508 W Devon in Chicago.

One of the boys teased that he had a doctor's note saying he needs to eat meat. Wrapped in bacon. Upon looking at the menu online, I learned that this friend could have his health in jeorporday! The girls chose a vegetarian Indian restaurant with loads of vegan options.

My friends had plenty of tasty, colorful plates as they loaded up from the buffet - an exciting opprotunity for the vegetarian in the group who said that she doesn't eat at buffets unless they are totally vegetarian. Our server said that there were lots of gluten free options on the buffet, but I'm still too nervous to partake. One wrong move with a patron and a spoon could easily cross-contiminate a dish. Plus, I rest easier knowing that when food is prepared just for me, the chef is aware of possible cross-contimation issues.

The server recommended a Dosa. I had no idea what it was, so told her I trusted her. A dosa is esentially a very thin crepe (bigger than my head) with some veggies inside and some dipping sauces. It was made with rice flour, she said. And probably some oil. When eating out, I haven't had the courage to ask for an oil-free dish yet. Since I already need to avoid gluten and cow's milk since I am super sensetive, I don't want to be precieved as an overly-picky guest. At a vegan restuarant, I only needed to say the wonderful v- word and I had loads of options available to me. One disappointment with the menu - online, vegan entres are clearly marked. This is not the case with the menu at the restaurant. There are also plenty of vegan drinks, our server said, but I didn't try one. Maybe next time.

Overall, this was a great place for eating Indian food with my friends. And I'm happy to report that my carnivore friend said the food was very good!

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