Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sorghum Bread

The Engine 2 Healthy Eating challenge goes beyond just a plant-strong vegan diet. No carbonated beverages or oils. Two staples in my standard gluten and cow's milk free diet. With the hope of saving money and trying new bread recipes, I decided from the start that I was going to bake one vegan gluten free bread a week.

Quickly, I ran into two problems:
  • Most recipes call for millet flour - which I do not have and the dreary Chicago weather was preventing me from wanting to leave my studio
  • Almost everything contains oil
Where was I going to compromise my standards a little? The bread. Making gluten free vegan bread and trying new recipes that have the potential to become staples in my lifelong repertoire is much more important to me than bending the rules a smidge with 1/4 cup of oil during a 28 day challenge.

I found this sorghum bread recipe from Book of Yum - a gluten free vegetarian website and it had some of the most accessible list of flours (translation: I had everything but teff or buckwheat flour already, so easily substituted garbanzo bean flour.) Instead of hemp milk, I used rice milk.

Making it was pretty easy. I used my handheld mixer with great results. I never worked with ground flax and water as an egg substitute before and I'm glad to say that it was an easy hands-off process thanks to my 3-cup food processor!

How did it taste? I should have taken better before and after pictures. I ate about several large slices within the hour it came out of the oven. I miss homemade, fresh tasting bread. Tomorrow, I plan on making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a spinach salad for lunch just so I can delight in the flavors again!

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  1. Wonderful- I'm glad you enjoyed the recipe. :)