Sunday, May 8, 2011

Microwavable Lunch: Patak's Original

I recently discovered Patak's Original Indian food at the grocery store (enticed by a coupon, no less) and turned over their products to see if they were gluten and dairy free. Most Indian food is (they tend to use coconut milk rather than cow's milk!) and Patak's was no exception. They actually had the most creative and colorful labeling I have seen! I am enticed to buy their product with declarations like "100% natural", "Free from artificial colors, flavors & preservatives" but am totally sold when seeing "Gluten free" and "Suitable for vegans"!

I had the Vegetable Korma curry with rice (only one pepper out of five on the spicy scale) for lunch at work. It worked extremely well for a dish that is easy to store in a desk drawer for days when I just didn't have time to cook something completely homemade. It was very tasty and really packed in flavor, but wasn't too filling. My lunch looked nothing like the enticing picture on the box. I should have brought my fresh herbs to work to garnish! Next

Overall, something worth buying again for easy lunch solutions! I think I will be buying some of Patak's other products and creating some Indian dishes in my kitchen rather than just the microwave at work!

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