Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eggplant and tofu curry

As part of my twist on the 28 Day Healthy Eating Challenge, I'm trying hard to eat a rainbow of foods and broaden my horizons. I stocked up on tofu and was searching my favorite recipe site (Food Network) and discovered this recipe! Eggplant and tofu curry! It met my gluten and dairy free requirements without any substitutions (yay coconut milk!) so I was good to go. To meet the oil free requirements, I sprayed a little bit of Pam in my wok while cooking with no negative results. This was a really basic curry I served over a bed of quinoa. I liked the variety of veggies - eggplant (which I really only had before on a tofu kabob during Battle Tofu), onion, garlic, and loads of spinach. I always pass on adding jalapeƱo peppers. My stomach is very gringa - I'm not ready for spicy foods. I'm not totally sold on eggplant yet. I think my chunks were too big and probably not cooked long enough. I'll have to give eggplant another try with a different cooking style before officially moving it to the "meh" list.

The recipe is a super basic introduction into making curry. Now that I know the formula to follow, it will be easy to create loads of other curries in the future. And THAT'S what cooking is all about - learning the basics so you can create an endless variety of meals on the fly!


  1. I love eggplant - I actually made some the other day with Indian spices and beans! If it was too bitter, it may help if you chop it up, rinse it off, then sprinkle it with salt and let it sit in a colander for about 15 minutes - the bitter juices will come out. Rinse off the bitterness and the salt, and you're ready to cook with it!

  2. Thanks Mary! It wasn't too bitter. The eggplant just seemed awkward. Perhaps my chunks were too big? Or the eggplant wasn't ripe enough? Your trick sounds great - I'll use it next time I cook eggplant!