Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Delightful Pastries

When I was filming a story on gluten intolerance with NBC at the farmer's market near the start of my gluten free journey, they wanted me to go to a vendor and have someone tell me no, they did not sell anything gluten free.  Way to set me up for rejection.  I went to the Delightful Pastries stand and was positive they would tell me I could not buy anything.  So I asked, hopeful for rejection for a good news story.
They had TWO gluten free items.

Way to turn the rejection tables on me!  I was stuck finding another vendor who would politely tell me no.  And then coming back to their stand later and buying some cookies.

Delightful Pastries is a family run bakery  based in Jefferson Park, Chicago.  They have been in business for over ten years and just opened a second location in Old Town.  At the Daley Plaza Farmer's Market, I spoke with Olga about their gluten free cookies.  They have two options: Flourless Chocolate Pebbles and Macaroons (with the macaroons coming in a wide variety of flavors).  I couldn't keep up with the macaroon options as Olga rattled them off: passion fruit, chocolate, caramel, raspberry, Parisian almond...  They are also dairy free.  What sets them apart from other bakeries, Olga said, was they they do not use any artificial flavors or food coloring.  "We use real products to color our food.  Its pure, its healthy and it tastes good."  When the bakery makes macaroons, that's all they make the entire day. What a great way to prevent cross-contamination!!

I bought some raspberry and some coconut macaroons.  Both macaroons were filled with flavor.  The coconut ones were still soft a few days later.  The raspberry ones had me craving more - I could not stop at just one!  These are cookies that I would buy again.  They are very elegant and would make great gifts because honestly, who doesn't like cookies?  Especially ones with super short ingredients lists, no artificial flavors and locally made.

Their website lists even MORE gluten free options: chocolate truffles, meringues, and fruit jellies.

Have you tried anything from Delightful Pastries before?

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