Saturday, July 28, 2012

Madison: Himal Chuli

I spent a recent weekend visiting my friends Jing and Zoe in Madison, WI.  They are vegetarian and I am gluten and dairy free and (when good) low fructose.  Surprisingly, it is easy for the three of us to find delicious things to eat together!  Zoe pulled up the Madison Gluten Intolerance Group’s list of recommended restaurants.  What a great list - there were tons of options!  Jing and Zoe previously went to Himal Chuli and loved it.  Most of the Nepali food is naturally gluten and dairy free so we went in with hungry stomachs.  Only a few of their dishes were dumpling or bread based and they were mostly appetizers.  Majority of the menu was vegetarian and in the spirit of our group, I chose a meat free dish as well.

We started our meal off with a small cup of soup – vegetarian and loaded with legumes, herbs and seeds.  I ordered Kurilo for my main course.  Potatoes, asparagus, and green onions expertly seasoned with brown rice and garnished with lemon and half a cherry tomato.  They were some of the most flavorful vegetables I have had in a long time.  I was quite disappointed when my plate was empty.

Their prices are such a great deal, too.  Many items are around $10 or less.  It is a cozy restaurant – probably around two dozen seats or so, but a great place to eat.  The staff was knowledgeable and attentive – our glasses were never half empty before they were refilled with cold water with lemon, lime and I mint.  This restaurant is worth a visit!

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