Saturday, January 8, 2011

Marigold Restaurant: Indian Food

Earlier this week, one of my friends suggested that we get together for Indian cuisine. There were going to be five of us – two vegetarian, two gluten free, and one with no dietary limitations. I started googling and reading yelp reviews of a few different places and then found Marigold Restaurant in Uptown on Broadway. Their menu is available online so I was able to read through it and see what we could eat. There are plenty of choices that were naturally gluten free. I made reservations and let the hostess know that in our party of five, one had a gluten and dairy intolerance and another could not eat gluten or tree nuts. The hostess was extremely helpful on the phone and said that it was no problem and they could accommodate us. When we arrived, I reminded them that two of us were gluten free and the hostess immediately responded with the other two food intolerances/allergies! Major points there! And of course, our waitress has a roommate who has Celiac disease (cue “It’s a Small World After All”) so Eliot and I were in very good hands. The waitress pointed out what dishes we could have and which ones could be modified for us. When dining out, I try to order things I won’t necessarily cook for myself. So I ordered the Mussels Molee – “prince edward island mussels steamed in an aromatic, turmeric-infused coconut milk broth”. With the waitress’s suggestion, I also ordered a side of their basmati rice. I also splurged and had an amazing glass of white wine: Yealand Savignon Blan from New Zealand! Everything was absolutely delicious. Until I went dairy-free, I never realized how much I love white sauces. The coconut milk sauce was very rich and creamy. And my thoughts on the mussels? I was poking around the empty mussel shells when Eliot asked what I was doing. “I think there’s one more!” They were really tasty. I only tried mussels once before and they were not nearly as tender as the ones at Marigold. It was a great time dining out with my friends! As always, it is very nice to be able to relax with friends over a meal and know that everyone can have a delicious dish or two! (Just don’t try to pass the Naan!) If you are gluten free, you MUST visit Marigold!

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