Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tapas at Gitana

I've started playing up my Spanish food kick. Yesterday, I went to a Meetup Event with Windy City Celiacs to Gitana - a tapas restaurant in Lakeview. There is no separate gluten free menu - the NORMAL menu is super conveniently labeled with all the gluten free options with a simple (gf) and even (v) for vegetarian!!!! And gluten-free customers are in very good hands - Sous Chef Tiffany is gluten-free herself!

The other people at the table ordered a variety of dishes and were sharing them. Every single dish was so beautifully plated and the atmosphere took me back to memories of dining in Spain with my friends.

I went with:
Plato de Espárragos con Jamon
Fresh asparagus with Serrano ham and Manchego cheese, with sherry vinaigrette

Every bite of my food was so full of flavor! (Sorry for the less than stellar photo - I have a hard time trying to sneakily photograph food with my camera's flash.) I had my plate made without the Machego cheese since I haven't had any sheep cheese since going dairy free. So far, I am lucky and am able to tolerate goat's cheese. There are some gluten and dairy intolerant people who can tolerate goat and sheep cheese. I'm going to have to try sheep's cheese soon so I can explore more of the menu at Gitana!)

Gitana is definetly a win for gluten free dining, cost-effective meals, and plenty of delicious options! This place is highly recommended!

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