Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've been quiet here because I've got sick.

Two years ago, I always made 2-3 pounds of meatballs at a time. They were one of the few things I knew how to make and they are one of the easiest things to freeze and defrost. I'm still in the habit of making meatballs like this. I'm a busy girl and being gluten and lactose intolerant, I need the convenience of already cooked food in the freezer. After making the two pounds of meatballs and eating three with gluten-free noodles, dairy-free Teeze, and organic cherry tomatoes, I started to feel sick. Not wanting two pounds of meatballs to go to waste (because surely I did not glutenize myself), I figured I would have some more meatballs with lunch the next day.

Total Crash.

I felt nauseous, had chest, stomach, and abdominal issues and felt utterly exhausted. Having meatballs for dinner and lunch the next day brought my body to a grinding halt. It took me five days to recover. And on day five, I had a migraine. The second one since going gluten free (compare that to the four to eight migraines I had a month on average the past two years). I lost two pounds and I could feel my body was weak (maybe because part of my gluten reactions mean I have NO appetite so eat about a third of what I normally do). And then I got the common cold. I made chicken broth that became a simple chicken and rice soup (I made the rice with broth rather than water). I have been drinking an insane amount of juice and water and I even ate an entire box of gluten free crackers in one sitting. I'm finally starting to feel better now.

But what did me in? I used an onion spice mixture that was made in the same facility as wheat. Every other ingredient had been tried and tested in my gluten free kitchen. I even made chili with the ground beef with no gluten reactions. Moral of the story? I need to be more careful with "same facility as" products. I am extremely sensitive. I have had great luck when going out to eat at restaurants with my friends. It is rather embarrassing to get sick in my own kitchen.

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