Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chocolate "Milk" Shake

If my mom asks, this was NOT my dinner tonight... *shifty eyes*

A year and a half ago, I was drinking milk shakes a few times a week because my stomach hurt so much and I was not hungry. They were easy ways to get much needed calories, but my stomach still hurt. I was stuck in this vicious cycle until a friend suggested that I was lactose intolerant. I insisted I wasn't - I drink milk all the time. How could it make me sick? I did some Internet research and looked into lactose intolerant testing. I did the milk challenge that week (as found here: and obviously became really sick. I slowly weaned dairy out of my diet. At first, I could still have low levels of milk, such as if milk was one of the last three ingredients in packaged food. I was eating butter for the next few months still, but by November, I was completely dairy free. My health then started plummeting (due to the gluten-intolerance flaring up) so I never had time to figure out what foods I was missing that I could easily create in my own kitchen.
When Eliot ordered a shake at the Chicago Diner, it really brought to the forefront that this was something I could make myself but just wasn't. I LOVE milk shakes. So what was preventing me from having one that was lactose-free? Nothing, honestly. Tonight I had my first milk shake since March 2009. And it was infinitely better than any dairy-filled milk shake I would have made!

I used So Delicious chocolate velvet ice cream, Jif peanut butter, Rice Dream classic rice drink, a banana and homemade chocolate sauce (cocoa, sugar, water, and vanilla extract.) One of the foods I miss most as someone who is lactose-intolerant is peanut butter cups. So with some peanut butter and chocolate, I should be able to replicate some of those flavors in the shake. Since cooking with food allergies requires you to think outside the box, what was preventing me from drinking my shake from my fanciest wine glass? Nothing! I'm really happy with how thick and chocolaty my shake was, but I was even more thrilled with my creative plating! I poured some chocolate sauce down the inside of the glass before adding the shake! What a delicious dinner! (Er, Mom, don't read that last sentence. Thanks.) This was a great way to cap off a summer weekend!

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