Saturday, July 17, 2010

You May Have Won Round One, Miss Betty Crocker...

...but I'm not going down without a fight!

So there were two things wrong with my Betty Crocker Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies last time:
- There was a light dusting of flour on my hand mixer. That needs to be cleaned thoroughly before I bake again. My first incident of cross contamination occurred in my gf home. Go me.
- I don't know all the baking secrets yet. Some tricks I've seen so far including putting the pans in the freezer, refrigerating the dough, adding extra ingredients, among others.

And since Betty's gf mixes are only $3.69 on sale at Dominick's today (beating out Jewel's regular $4.99), I'm going to try this again. I also bought a cake mix. For good measure.

I was feeling rather urban this morning. With my returned high energy level, I decided to ride my bike to the grocery store. I only needed strawberries, raspberries, powder sugar and cocoa powder, but left with some cake mixes, pasta, Rice Chex. At the Dominick's just north of Thorndale and Broadway, there really isn't a gf section. Their produce section is always huge and amazing, however. I went down the pasta aisle and lo and behold they carried gf pasta...on sale. It's a really small selection (I only noticed two options) but they had a Gluten-Free Item tag - similar to the sale tags they use to catch your eye. So this store will be good for me for some of the basic items that are already gluten and lactose free, but their selection of gf/lactose-free items is still small and I do not know what brands work the best for me yet, so I still need a larger variety. I also needed to buy hoisin sauce, but there was only one option and it contained wheat. I think I need to head south a little bit to the Argyle neighborhood for a wide variety of Asian options.

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