Monday, July 12, 2010

Perishable Dinner - Veggies, Chicken and Chips

Last Monday, I stocked up on some cheap produce. A week later, I still had some in my fridge about to go bad. So today was a perishable-filled dinner!

I put some cooking oil (about a tablespoon or two) in my wok and let that heat up. Then I added my chopped onion and some corn, cut right off the uncooked cob. While that was cooking on low-medium heat, I pretended to dice up a green and red pepper (pretended to because my dicing skills leave something to be desired). I add the peppers, some salt and some fresh ground pepper and cooked for a few minutes. Then I turned up the heat to medium and added some cooked chicken straight from the refrigerator. Once everything was done, I placed some corn chips on a plate and put my veggie/chicken mixture on top. Easy! And very colorful, too! I had enough for dinner tonight, some seconds, and tomorrow's lunch.
This was a recipe born completely out of necessity. If I really wanted to use all of my produce, I probably should have also tossed in some three week old brolly I didn't finish from a farmer's market...that should probably just be tossed...
The chips were Yellow Chips: All Natural Tortilla Chips from Garden of Eatin'. Clever name! They are made with organic yellow corn, so are gf and dairy free by nature. I really like the sea salt flavoring. They had a nice crunch and were firm enough to hold all my veggies and meat. I will gladly buy them again in the future. They even taste healthy, which is an odd observation, I realize.

In other news, last night I had a gluten reaction. I was completely gluten-free and have been re-reading all labels. I have narrowed down the potential triggers: my gf communion wafer touching gluten wafers or a few crumbs of flour that may have been left on my hand mixer or cookie sheet (very unlikely since I'm really good about washing dishes thoroughly and would have noticed flour.) My reaction was the same as after my last gluten dinner - difficulty breathing and chest pains, pain and discomfort in my abdomen, energy level crashing, no desire to eat and then some more. Did I really just fall in the super-sensitive, must-worry-about-cross-contamination camp? My lactose intolerance is so severe, I joke that I can't have any food that even looked at a glass of milk or a stick of butter. I'm still in the midst of the reaction - it should go away in a day or two. All I can do is ride it out, which sucks. I've been taking running leaps forward so the two steps back is even harder to deal with.

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