Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thai Dinner

This whole "dine out once a week" may be easier than I thought... I caught up with a friend over a very last minute dinner on Sunday night (in an "I'll leave my place in two minutes" style.) I mentioned that I was gluten and lactose free so he said that I should pick. I chose one of my neighborhood favorites - Ben's Noodles and Rice on Bryn Mawr. When it came time to order, I told the waitress that I was allergic to gluten (in most soy sauces) and lactose. I asked if one of my standard dish would be safe to eat. She said that it was made with soy sauce and instead offered their curry on the next page, which did not have soy sauce, but did have coconut milk, if that was okay. I never had curry before, but I was up for the new experience. It was really good - a little too spicy for my tastes though. The waitress was really great and came back to make sure that I liked my food and was feeling well.

Overall experience: very positive.

Bread update: I finished the last of Bread Attempt #1 today. The bread stayed fresh and soft in a plastic container on my counter. Yay!

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