Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spaghetti Dinner

Last night, I had a rather uninspired dinner. I had two rolls left over, so decided to make some pasta to go with it. The first time I bought gf pasta, I had one brand choice: Tinkyada. The advertising made me upset when I read it: good consistent texture, not mushy. If spaghetti needs to advertise this, clearly gf cooking is radically different. Are other pastas mushy? So far, I've only eaten this pasta, even though I bought a few other brands that were on sale recently. (If it is $2 rather than $3 or 4 - I'll buy it! It can be quite challenging!) I really like Tinkyada's pasta. It is a little softer than traditional pasta, but tastes like you cooked it for 9 minutes rather than the recommended 8.

Speaking of uninspired - I opened a jar of Prego Traditional tomato sauce (which happens to be gf based on my reading of their ingredient list) and poured it over the pasta. Garnish with a little fresh parsley (I had an herb garden in my window, that's why you may have noticed the consistent use of parsley) and add the final two rolls and that's it! Easy!

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