Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm a very goal-oriented person. I love accomplishing things. And if I say I'm going to do something, I tend to do it since I am just that stubborn.

So here are my goals for the next year:

Eat out once a week. And my weekly "treat" to Chipotle for lunch does not count! I need to feel comfortable speaking up and asking for a gluten and lactose free meal when dining out. I already have restaurant cards that just need to be modified to include dairy.

Read a book once a week. There's a lot of great books about being gf, but also Asian cookbooks are a wealth of information since those meals lean towards being gf by nature.

Bake once a week. I already do a lot of cooking - I make all my own meals except for the above mentioned Chipotle weekly lunch. My great cookie failure has discouraged me, but I need to bounce back from this defeat. There are so many helpful gf hints for cooking, I feel like I need to compile them and post them on my refrigerator and memorize them! (Lactose free cooking is so easy - the one-to-one substitution makes converting any recipe a piece of cake. Pun only partially intended.)

Cook. Easy.

Improve my knife skills. My good friend Eliot is already showing me how to properly cut up vegetables with ease and speed.

Say thank you. A number of stores, restaurants, and brands are joining the gf revolution. Either hand write or e-mail a thank you to help reinforce their amazing decision to help make life a little easier for those with food allergies and intolerances.

Gain weight. These food intolerances seem to have removed some of the more fattening foods from my diet and I am currently dangerously underweight.

Blog often. Let you read about my success and (laugh at my) failures. And learn something along the way. Maybe share some recipes, tips, and tricks.

Say yes. To whatever I CAN eat. Regardless of whether or not I would have eaten it a year or two ago. Growing up, my diet was dairy, bread and meat. With two sides of that triangle removed, it is very hard to eat a properly healthy meal.

I can do this.

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