Saturday, July 31, 2010


Growing up, I loved making pizza. Take an English muffin, some spaghetti sauce and sprinkle some shredded mozzarella cheese and nuke it in the microwave or put it in the oven for a few minutes! Easy! As an adult, I still fell into that habit for making my own pizzas instead of buying a frozen one. I recently discovered pre-made pizza dough that was dairy free in the bread section of stores. I loved the more grown-up version of pizzas. I have two stand-by lactose-free pizzas: sun dried tomatoes, basil & goat cheese, and a Hawaiian - pineapple, ham, & goat cheese. Finding pizza dough that is gluten and lactose free is pretty easy. I have a bunch of different mixes and already made doughs that are ready for taste testing! On Thursday, my Pampered Chef pizza stone and basting brush arrived so I was anxious to break those in. Since I have never mixed my own pizza dough, I cannot say how gf dough compares to traditional dough. From a traditional bread making perspective, it is really similar.

For my first ever gf pizza, I used Hodgson Mill's pizza crust mix. It is billed as "Light Crispy Delightful". My "gently spread the dough to fit the pan" skills are a little rough (the box makes two 12" crusts) so my dough was a little uneven and an inch or two smaller than recommended. After mixing the dough and letting it rise on the pizza stone, you cook the pizza dough for a several minutes and then take it out of the oven and brush oil on it before adding the toppings and cooking it for several more minutes. For the sauce, I used can tomato sauce mixed with basil and a little oregano. I added cooked ham, canned pineapple, and crumbled up goat cheese on top. Delicious! Since my pizza was smaller than recommended and I cooked it for the minimum time, it was very soft - just the way I like it! Hands down, it was the best pizza dough I have ever had! It was fully cooked, but still had a light doughy texture. Needless to say, this was a great start to my pizza adventures! I was concerned that I would need to keep some traditional pizza dough at home for when I'm cooking for friends (covering my pan with tinfoil for an easy clean-up, of course) but this is a dough that I can make for friends without any food allergies and they will never know the difference!

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