Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soup - a success!

My chicken noodle soup is a success! I was debating between rice or noodles, but have decided that I have a lot of rice in my diet so need to switch up some things. With soup, I personally believe that noodles should be small and in a cool shape. Normally, I perfer small stars, but since I haven't found any gf (gluten-free) options, I went with a bag filled with children friendly shapes - like dinosaurs, bunnies, frogs, cars, trucks and more!

I slowly brought to a boil 3 cups of last night's chicken broth, 3 cut-up carrots, 3 cut-up celery stalks, about 6 cups of water, a bay leaf, and some salt and a few dashes of dried parsley flakes. Then when the carrots were softened a bit, I added Tinkyada's brown rice pasta. I boiled that for a few minutes and then let simmer for about 25 minutes before poritioning out bowls of soup.

In all, I had 6 full-meal size servings of soup. I placed three servings in zip-lock containers and put them in the freezer for future meals. I've had good luck before with freezing soup with traditional noodles. I think the gf noodles will hold up well - I'll keep the blog world posted on the noodles' freezer success.

A little bit about Tinkyada noodles - I've tried a few different styles of noodles from them and have been really happy. You boil the noodles for 1-2 minutes and then let them simmer for 20. And their packaging boasts that they are "not mushy." I would hope so! To me, they taste a lot like regularly noodles - just a little bit softer - but that could always be due to cooking times. They are currently on sale at Jewel for $3.39 a bag (save 40 cents!) in their organic foods aisle. These were the first gf noodles I tried when doing my expermient and I was really happy to get off to such a great start.

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